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Made with Love. For the Foods you Love.”

Don Sazon started as one man's dream to create a delectable line of high-quality seasonings to share with his family, friends and the public. In July of the year 2000 here in Pacoima, CA, the dream became a reality and Don Sazon began producing many of the wonderful seasonings people have come to know, love and enjoy using in their kitchens every day. 

With the sole purpose to branch away from what the other seasoning companies were doing by redefining and reworking classic recipes to a unique taste, the creator of the company Antonio Salazar inaugurated the seasoning and spices brand - Don Sazon. Garnering over 21 years of seasoning experience in a single inventory, we offer a broad assemblage of modified tastes that beats the average.

While the line of products has expanded through the years, Don Sazon has stayed true to its original goal by delivering the highest quality to our customers that help add a unique and flavorful culinary experience to their life. 

Today, Don Sazon’s products can be found in all major supermarkets and meat markets in nine states: Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Texas, Utah and Washington. We endeavour around the clock to deliver 100% quality customer services straight to your doors with the consolidation of agile shipping, scrupulous packaging, and easy checkouts.

Don Sazon is a disparate brand from any typical company following conventional recipes. We are constantly modifying and creating new flavors for a palatable experience for your buds. We are more than just seasoning and spices. We are a family built on bringing people together through food! Visit us today at donsazon.com
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