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A seasoning so robust you can use it to marinate anything. Don't blame us if you fall in love
*Also available in 5oz bottles


Wanna bring the heat in your next meal? Then adobada is the perfect way to add a little kick into your favorite dish right at home!

Carne Asada

One of our top sellers, this is the most premiere carne asada seasoning you can get!
*Also available in 5oz bottles


One of our top sellers, this seasoning will only enhance the flavor of your chicken. We promise!
*Also available in 5oz bottles


Breakfast? Lunch? Dinner? There isn't any time day you can't use this seasoning to get your food to the next level


There's plenty of fish in the sea and they all taste better when using Don Sazon Fish seasoning
*Also available in 5oz bottles


This seasoning is sizzling hot with flavor! So good with steak there will be none left over
*Also available in 5oz bottles


The finest garlic ground down so you can add that fantastic flavor to any dish you'd like
*Also available in 3.5oz bottles

Garlic Salt

Level up your cooking using this carefully blended mix of our fresh ground garlic and premium salt.
*Also available in 5oz bottles


Nothing quite says success like happy friends at a BBQ. Make sure to impress them all by using this!

Lemon Pepper

Really a jack of all trades spice! Use this on meat, chicken or anything that can use a zesty kick!

Pico De Gallo

Make any fruit flavor really pop when you use a little bit of this to spice things up!


Fresh ground black pepper is not just simple, it's delicious
*Also available in 2.5oz bottles

Pork Chop

It's not every day you get to make such savory, delicious pork chops so if you're going to make some don't forget your secret weapon!


Missing something? Need the extra boost of flavor? Then reach no further than your cupboard.
*Also available in 4.5oz bottles

Sal Chile Limon

Another fruit flavor enhancer, use this with fruit, soups or even micheladas
(if you're 21+)


Shrimp may be small but they won't be lacking in flavor when you use this seasoning!


The best way to make sure any meat is perfectly tender is to use this. This product is a must.
*Also available in 5oz bottles


Holidays, or any day. Make a turkey worth eating any time of the year!

Bread Crumbs

Plain bread crumbs, great for frying and getting a beautiful coating all around!

Bread Crumbs (Spicy)

Feeling spicy? Try using our spicy bread crumbs to kick things up a notch while frying your favorite foods!

Bread Crumbs (Seasoned)

Our most popular bread crumbs, these come with a little extra flavor to add more depth to your food
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